I feel tired, should I train?

Today I have been reading some interesting articles on training and how often you should train.

As we always have said you should train at least 3 times a week and if you train more often allow yourself at least 2 rest days a week to recover. But what if you have had a heavy leg day and your legs feel all achy... Should you better just skip a day and take some rest eventhough its not your planned rest day?

If you train regular (which is important to avoid injuries and get results) you should learn to trust the system. If you feel tired or achy, and we all have had these days. Don't 'pull a sicky'.. Get back in the box and do your workout. We all have days that we prefer to give it a rest, but the only way to get fitter and stronger is to stick to your program. Yes you might feel achy and physically tired but if you still do a decent pace workout your body will adjust and next time the leg day will hurt less.

Trust the program and work through those days, its the best way to get stronger and your body will adapt to the stress you put on it. 

We will help you with your mobility and stretches if you ache and our community will help you through the program.

See you in the Box!