A healthy start in life for children starts here

Parents this is what you have been waiting for! The daily activities of our children is sitting in a car to be driven to school and playing with their Xbox or tablets. At ChalkBox we are keen to get the children moving again in a Fun way.


Whether your child is sporty or not, they all can join CrossFit Chalkbox. We will get them active by working in teams in a fun way. They will be running, jumping, skipping, throwing, rowing and much more. We will work on their flexibility, coordination, strength and fitness. We have sessions every Friday 5pm-6pm



Our aim is to give all children a long lasting love for fitness and a healthy start in life.

Book a FREE taster session for your child (aged 7-11) now!                                                                                                                       contact Agnes for more information: agnes@crossfitchalkbox.com