Back to Basic 2

Following on from our earlier on back to basic post we are working on building a solid aerobic base.  What we mean by aerobic base is the sum of total cardiovascular adoptations gained by working out at moderately pace (70%) for a longer period of time.

aerobicbase at chalkbox

Your cardiovascular system consists of a series of steps which  transports your oxygen from your lunges to your muscle fibres. Aerobic capacity training produces a wide range of positive adaptations that improves your cardiovascular system and improves your ability to produce your energy aerobically.


Is it new in our programming? No we have doing it for the last 4weeks and mostly combined it with Olympic Lifting Skill work.  What we are doing differently now is that we are incorporating some of the most fundamental functional movements in your training. We believe that alongside with creating a big aerobic base you need to be able to perform the most fundamental functional movements extremely well. This will give you a solid base for your fitness journey and benefit fully from our CrossFit programming.

To get the full benefits of this type of training we need to be persistant and need to continue to do this for at least 6 to 8 weeks.

Other benefits:
Aerobic capacity training increases the ability of your muscle fibres to use the energy your body has produced. That means your muscle fibres will get better at burning fat and less carbs. You will get leaner!

As your muscles fibres are getting more efficient your lactate levels will drop therefore you will recover better. You will particular see the benefit when we start doing threshold training again. You recover quicker!

All in all it is a very much needed training. Next time when you are working out for 30minutes or more remember why you are chipping away those reps.  There's always a reason for the things we are doing at ChalkBox. Whatever we program is for everyone from novice to athlete.