Stress & Working Out

Studies have shown that seven out of ten adults feels stressed daily. Most of these people also feel that this effects their daily life. Stress can by caused by many things and it does not just effect our mood but also our health. Stress can be a triggering factor for activating cancer cells.


Often in the Box we hit plateaus in our workouts because our minds stops us from progressing. So often I pick up a bar and before even trying my brain already has told my body that this is too heavy. At that point it is almost useless of even trying to lift that bar as my brain has already decided for me. Do you recognise that experience?

This show that brain and body work very closely together. We know that our body doesn’t work without a brain but our body can also effect our brain. If you workout on a daily basis you body gets fitter and stronger. We all know that in general physical exercise makes you stronger in fighting diseases. 

If the brain is stressed (if you are stressed) your body is effected by this as well. You are more fatigue, your muscles are tired and your posture might change which gives stress on your muscles. But this works both ways. If your body is fitter and stronger your brain will feel better as well. Exercise produces endorphins (chemicals in the brain that work as natural painkillers) and also improves the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.


If your stress levels are very high you should go for a moderate intensity in your workout and avoid going ‘full-out'. So if you wake up feeling stressed, or your day has given you stress, don’t jump on the sofa with a large glass of wine. Get into your car and drive to the Box, do you workout in a moderate pace (just let your coaches know you take it easy that day) and you will feel better after!

See you in the Box!
Coach Agnes