Your workout for Friday is:

Gymastic Skill & Strength Work:
A) Kipping Pull Up Skill practice

B) EMOM x 20
Alternate between following
1min : 5-8 Pull Ups
2min: 5 Ring Dips
3min: 45 sec hollow hold

Your workout for Saturday is:

Team of 3

Work through below movements. Split as needed. One person working however keep rest 2 to 1 ratio (rest:work). Go every time hard and fast don't sand bag it, otherwise you won't create the stimulus we are looking for.

For time:
100 cal row
100 over the box jumps (24/20)
60/60 KB Snatches (20/16)
60/60 KB Waiters Lunges (20/16)
60 KB Swings
100 over the box jumps (24/20)
100 cal row