1. Arrive on time

2. If you got a niggle or injury tell your coaches at the beginning of the session. They can help you to scale the WOD.

3. If people are new to the box introduce yourself and help them to get around…remember your first time.

4. Do your work before the session starts, don’t stand their with your hands in your pockets
– Pull Up Challenge
– Crossover Symmetry Activation
– Mobility

5. Follow the programming e.g. if Squat Cycle is on Monday & Thursday train consistently on those days until the cycle has finished

6. After your WOD do your:
– Mobility
– Hollow Hold Challenge
– Crossover Symmetry Recovery

7. Log your scores – always – it is the only way to measure progress

8. Make sure you eat your carbs around your WOD. Don’t come in on an empty stomach.

9. You don’t have to be every day in your beast mode. If you got an off day, do tell the coaches we will help you to get through the WOD. You still can have a good workout and have fun

Enjoy the results if you stick to the above