Training Program Update:

On Monday Aug15th our new cycle will start and this one will be a significant update. The cycle lasts 25 weeks taking us till end of January 2017. The overriding theme will be building a stronger aerobic & strength base using the conclusions from the last Check In. Parts of the cycle will have bias towards either cardiac output, threshold training, barbell or gymnastics strength

Kick Starting a New Cycle - CrossFit ChalkBox


Monday:          Strength Lower body
Tuesday:          Aerobic Base
Wednesday:    Strength Upper Body
Thursday:        Aerobic Base
Friday:             Dynamic work
Saturday:         Strength Lower/Upper Body

How a Strength day looks like:

A) 15-20min Back Squat
B) 10min Assistance Work
C) 5-15min Conditioning
D) Optional assistance work (partly outside class)

How an Aerobic Base day looks like:

A) 20-40min conditioning workout in first part of cycle consisting of simple functional movements. Later on in the cycle more complex movements will be introduced.
B) Optional assistance work (partly outside class)

In addition we will program some focus work for you to be done. Think of block of 4 weeks of additional assistance work for core, shoulders or legs. A block of lunge flows or other specific mobility drills. This will be done at the end of the class and partly in your own time.

We hope that above layout will give everyone the opportunity to work on your goals.


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