Welcome to What’s New On The Chalk Board Summer Edition. We are getting closer to the end of the summer break and we hope you all have had a great holiday. It was great to see that even though it was holiday season most sessions were well attended. We like to say a big THANK YOU to all the coaches who have kept ChalkBox going over the summer. It’s great to see that ChalkBox has such an amazing support!
— Coach Agnes & Coach Isk

What's new on the Chalk Board?



The overriding theme will be building a stronger aerobic & strength base using the conclusions from the last Check In. Parts of the cycle will have bias towards either cardiac output, threshold training, barbell or gymnastics strength.On Monday Aug15th our new cycle will start and this one will be a significant update. The cycle lasts 25 weeks taking us till end of January 2017. 

Read more about the new cycle

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This month goes to Jason.  Jason had his first Trial Session at ChalkBox on January 5th 2015 at Raleys Gym in Sevenoaks. When he started he already was a fit athlete but since then has grown into an even stronger and fitter athlete who takes part in CrossFit competitions. Jason is known by every member as a helpful athlete who always encourages every one in the sessions. Next to that Jason is also a person we the coaches can rely on if we need a few more hands to stay organised. When the coaches discussed who should be this month's member of the month everyone voted for Jason. Jason keep up working on your progress, can't wait to see were you will be in a years time. Thanks for being such a great spirit in the Box!



We created a new website.  A website that tells our Story. A story of a Space to work on a better version of yourself - our garage. A Space To Sweat started with Kids & Teens classes at a village hall, soon followed by classes for adults at a council gym. Since June last year we have found a home for a Space To Sweat / For Everyone.

The website is a window in our Space to Sweat and you all are featuring in it! Our vision is to grow a close knit community of like minded people who all want to work on a better version of themselves. A Space to Sweat for the Young and Old, for the Novice and Athlete.

You can find all WOD's and other posts on our website. If you have suggestions how we can improve the site please let us know.


How to make best of your session?

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We are finalising the details for the next ChalkBox Change Challenge. The previous two challenges has helped several members to become healthier. This time we have upped the level and it is going to be epic. Wait and see!

Not convinced yet?

Some statistics and comments from the participants:

  • In February  17 members completed the 6 weeks Change Challenge. They lost collectively 42.4kilograms, 73.3cm off their waist line and 55.9cm of their hips. The group lost per week: 7kg, 10.3cm of waist line and 5.4 cm of hips. On average people lost 2.5kg, more than 4cm of their waist line and more than 3.3cm of around thier hips. Not only did they all changed their shape they set new PB's as well.
  • In April 20 members completed the 6 weeks Change Challenge. Some comments:
    • " I'm SO proud of my teenage daughter sticking to the diet and doing the exercise!

      Weight loss 6 kgs

      Hips - 9cms (3.5 inches)

      Waist -14cms (5.5 inches)

      She certainly deserved the special treat I promised her; Kinky boots musical!

      Just prepared our breakfast and packed lunch so every intention to stick to it till the end. Thank you Agnes for your support, you always thought it was an hormonal imbalance and carb related. We def going to stick to it as she is feeling so much better."

      "4kg down, an inch off my waist and 1.5" off my hips. 

      Yesterday I got an 8 - wait, no where to fill it in?!?! 

      Loved the Challenge, I am still totally in the Zone!"

      " I ve lost 2in from my waist and 7lbs,pleased with the results and the changes in my body-

      Loved the zone and going to carry on,my headaches have stopped!

      Thank you for the support and guidance Agnes really happy xx"