Our first ever coached CrossFit class was a session for our kids and their friends. For those who have been to school with our children might recall the sessions in Stone Street village hall. This was ChalkBox in its early days.
— Coach Agnes


We were working on a better version of ourselves and we hoped that our children would develop a lifelong love for fitness too. But it wasn't that easy to have a group young children focused on doing a squat or push up. However CrossFit Kids session combines fun with fitness.


Have you have ever done the musical med ball game or tick tack toe with mini resistance bands? Sounds fun right even for adults?! That's exactly the key to success to have your children developing their gross motor skills, stamina and strength.

We don't do heavy weights in our sessions although academic research papers are saying it is safe to practise from 8 years old. We do practise Gymnastics, various Functional (body weight) movements and some of the Olympic weightlifting drills. Our aim is to create little well rounded athletes with good fitness habits for life.

In our Chalk Kids sessions we have seen children developing their coordination, team play but also strength. For some of the muns or dads it is now a challenge to keep up with their little athletes.


We have classes on Tuesday & Friday 5pm and Saturday 10.30am. Interested send us a message using form below.

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