Twenty five members have decided to become leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier. They are step by step changing some of their habits that affect our fitness and overall wellbeing...but change isn't coming overnight.

In the first 2 weeks they learned more about the macro's and nutrients to eat and for most it was an eye opener. They follow an easy to understand nutrition plan explaining how much carbs, protein, fat and calories to eat every day. Ever heard of you cannot out train your nutrition? As a matter of fact it was for some a revelation to end the day with still loads of carbs to eat but have eaten the full fat quota! No one was left hungry but finding the right kind of food for break fast, lunch or dinner was a big task. Reading and understanding labels of the food you are eating is a sport now!

I'm really finding it hard to eat all my calories and I feel I'm eating for the sake of it. Is there any movement on our targets? I know you say will get there but I have to be realistic.

By end of week one most have found the food they could eat and have a balanced intake of macros. Depending on what you want to achieve your macros will vary per individual.

Trying to change habits is more difficult than you might think and that's why the Change Challenge is lasting for 12 weeks. Step by step you will make small changes. For some that might mean as simple having a breakfast or drinking more water. For others it means having less nuts (high in fat!!) or skip the Greek Yogurt.

So annoyed! Did nt get chance to eat lunch and was tired and hungry so just stuffed my face with raw chocolate 😡🙈
Must learn to meal prep! macros are defo going to be out today and I was doing so well!

However by end of the second week most got the hang of it and reported increased and more stable energy levels. Moreover some of the hard work is starting to show on the scales and body images. On average the group as lost sofar > 1.5kg per person and has improved body fat %. The Change Challenge has only just started and we all know it takes time to achieve life changing results but with determination and support of the ChalkBox community they are going to achieve their goals!!!

Keep going guys!!

Coach Agnes