No? It is the latest freshly researched hottest topic in CrossFit and it promises super gainz. It is a very simple and effective method. 100% results guaranteed.

It works as follows…..and follow the steps as prescribed (RX it!) for optimal results.

Step 1)  every time when you are in the box pick something you are bad at and you badly want to improve. It could be:

  1. your squat mobility

  2. your front rack 

  3. your push ups

  4. your pull up

  5. your muscle up

  6. your toes to bar

Step 2) Before or after your session practise. If you need ideas what to do speak to one of the coaches

Step 3) Repeat step 1& 2 as often as you can

Step 4) Attend Skill Clinic to learn how to get to the next level

Step 5) Enjoy your newly found squat depth, pull up,      fill in the blank and go back to Step 1)

This method has proven to produce results and will do so 100% in the future. There’s a direct relationship between the effort you put in and what you get back.

Attending Skill Clinic only and not doing the homework will lead to disappointment.

Don’t skip the 5 minute method