Find Your StrengtH

We are entering the next phase of our cycle and we are going to making you all freaking strong! Starting Monday the next 6 weeks will be focused on strengthening our basic movement patterns.

Following progressive overload methodology you will:

  • Squat

  • Hinge

  • Press

  • Pull

New to CrossFit? Don’t worry we will start from the basics and the sessions are planned as such that the coaches will have plenty of time to work on form, technique and mobility.

Are you all ready freaking strong? Well get on it and get stronger!


Why are we doing this?

Reasons are very simple:

  • A stronger body is a better body.

  • Stronger you are better you are at many skills needed in CrossFit or any other sport. Even at daily tasks in life.

  • Stronger body reduces chances of injury

  • Stronger body improves flexibility

  • Stronger body speeds up weight loss

  • Stronger body changes body shape

To blend CrossFit into your life here’s the next 3 weeks schedule:

Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 19.59.44.png

Will there be no conditioning? Ofcourse there will be plenty of MetCon stuff. Some the WODs will be shorter to allow more time for you to work on your strength but don’t worry you will be sweating!

What about the Oly Lifts? Snatching and Cleans will be incorporated in your WODs so you cannot escape them.

What if I need more work on structural imbalances? There’s is ChalkLift and we will shortly update and publish the programming too.

I am actually an aerobic freak don’t like holding a barbell. What now? Have you tried ChalkFit? You might start to hate burpees :-)

Over the next couple of weeks we will update you more on how you can work on your individual goals! Stay tuned!!!