Exciting changes to set up of ChalkFit

We are excited that Coach Katie will be leading the ChalkFit sessions

I decided to take up coaching in order to help people achieve their fitness goals. I enjoy breaking down skills into easy understandable progressions. I can understand firsthand that some skills or fitness levels are hard to achieve, but with the right approach, and personal support everything is possible. I don’t believe in the impossible! I’ve been where you are!
— Coach Katie

What does this mean for you?

Coach Katie will be in charge of the ChalkFit program with the focus to improve your engine.

The goal of ChalkFit is to develop your conditioning, build a strong aerobic base (crucial to CrossFit and other sports) as well as building your anaerobic capacity, thus improving your endurance and stamina.

Basically, our ChalkFit Class is ‘simpler’ than our regular CrossFit classes as it will not contain complex movements (like snatches or cleans) or super heavy weights/barbell movements (though we will use kettlebells, dumbbells, wall balls, sandbags etc).

This is a great session to work on your engine to get better at CrossFit and also very suitable for beginners.

Movements will include bodyweight exercises, lots of core, dumbell and kettlebell work and of course, rowing, bike and running! Expect to develop a ‘firing engine’, learn to pace yourself, develop mental toughness and most of all HAVE FUN!

We are Ambassadors of Chris Hinsaw's Training Methodology

We are Ambassadors of Chris Hinsaw's Training Methodology

More sessions from September:

  • Monday 10.30
  • Tuesday 08.30
  • Wednesday 20.00
  • Friday 17.30 
  • Sunday 08.00 and 09.00

Coach Katie has already spend her holiday break on planning some exciting workouts for ChalkFit and we can't wait to bring our ChalkFit lovers to the next fitness level.