The 2018 Workouts are on our door step. Tomorrow morning at 1am CrossFit HQ will release WOD 18.1

We are ready for it. Over 69 members are taking part divided over 7 teams.  

Couple of pointers:

1.       This year each WOD will have a RX and a Scaled option. However there is a chance that there will be a movement or a weight you will have never done before. So what you do? Yes… try, try and try again. There are plenty of examples of people getting there PB in the Open. The Open is more than just a workout, it is a show of character too. The coaches are there to give you guidance to do it safely.

2.       Log your workout results in SugarWOD. We repeat WOD’s on a regular basis and we always try to measure progress.

3.       Judging.  You will be judging each other and it is important that everyone is doing the exact same workout, so exact same rep scheme, movement and standards. Just like in some of the workouts we have done before.. Your friend and judge is there to count reps and make sure that the athlete hits the movement standard. If a judge says No Rep – don’t argue. In her/his opinion it is a No Rep, do the bloody rep again! Also don’t hold a grudge against each other. In other words don’t get back to her/him because you got a No Rep. Be fair and keep it fun.

4.       We don’t care about who is the best, we care about who tried the hardest, we care about the person who gave the other person a hand up. Leave your ego outside, we all have the same goal and that is getting fitter and healthier