Yes I am.

Getting stronger requires patience. Creating the right stimulus in your body isn’t done overnight and requires systematic hard work over a long period of time to build those muscles. Once you are stronger don’t worry about to losing it quickly. That takes time too. Strength is the base for your fitness and health. Without that you will never reach your full fitness potential.
— Coach Isk

Getting stronger will manifest itself through varies ways: 

  • better form: a whole group of muscle is working opposed to only isolated muscle
  • range of motion increases: you are able to apply force throughout a full range  of motion for example you are squatting now below parallel
  • you are getting better in recruiting more muscles to work for you. Explosive power increases. For example box jumps or getting easier, you will feel more confident
  • your niggles are not returning, you are strengthening your weak muscles

But also you start to lift more. So let’s put some metrics around that.


A person with BW of 80kg deadlifting 100kg vs another person with BW of 60kg dead lifting 100kg…who is stronger? Yes it is all relative. And in this example I am not even taking into consideration age or gender. A younger person should be stronger than a Master etc etc

We have put some metrics together based on studies 3-4 of years ago looking into strength development of CF community in US. The numbers are a guidance and if anything a little bit on low side as we all know the strength levels in CF community have gone up a lot.

Take some time to read through below, bench mark yourself, roll up your sleeves and get back to work. A strong strength base is fundamental for your fitness development….even if you are HITT junky…..for example who got more chance of winning a 2k Row race if both individuals got same BW but one dead lifts 50kg and the other 100kg. You got it? Let it sink in. Any questions shoot.