Hanging can be divided into:

1. Passive Hanging - relaxed, deactivated, targets more of the passive structural integrity components than the more 'muscular heavy' hangs. It is where more often than not we will start with a beginner. (certain issues with shoulder health and integrity might require we start with active hangs for example)

2. Active Hanging - selective activation of the pattern, engaging musculature and minimizing the demands on passive structural integrity while maximizing the active-component demand and adaptation. Active hangs are a type of strength work. More specifically - Straight Arm Scapular Strength.


A prerequisite for this drill is the 120 sec continuous two arm passive hang. One should not attempt this drill if unable to perform that first. A 2 min Passive Hang shows the you've spent enough time effecting various tissues involved in the hanging work and can now (relatively) safely overload the hang by X2. Note - that is a HUGE jump, so take care.