Train Smarter Not Harder

We are about to start with next cycle of programming and there will be some exciting workouts but also new movements. We have made these few tweaks to the structure to address better the need of our community. We are introducing the Benchmark Series as a structured way to monitor progress. We are also introducing Functional Bodybuilding (FBB) components in your daily WODs.


Why Functional Bodybuilding?

Over the summer period your coaches have been trying out Functional Bodybuilding workouts and are chuffed with the results and thus incorporating in our programming. If you want more detailed info get in touch with us (Coach Jason is doing some very specific FBB workouts). 

Functional Bodybuilding is a versatile strategy for building strength and muscle for all levels and abilities. We will help to tailor your functional bodybuilding workout components to achieve your fitness goals.

FBB is a great accessory and supplement to your normal class wods. To avoid injury and overuse issues you have to make sure the muscles around your joints are strong. Incorporating bodybuilding as accessory work is an excellent tool for joint conditioning and stabilization. Higher repetitions at lower weights, (8-15 rep sets) helps to improve tendon strength. 

Have a look at the clip and you will get it why it will help you to get better at fitness

The Benefits of Functional Bodybuilding:

  • Help the brain and body to increase contractile strength of the muscles as well as muscle endurance
  • Help increase tendon and joint tolerances to help decrease injuries
  • Lower stress levels on the central nervous system during the workout
  • Look better
  • Improve muscular imbalances by targeting weaknesses

Box Benchmark Series:

Starting Monday we are introducing the Benchmark Series. The Benchmark Series is a collection of workouts scheduled on a 3 to 4-month cycle, meaning that each benchmark is tested 3 times over the course of a year. In the past we have done several Box Benchmark workouts but haven’t always retested in a structured way.

This doesn't mean we won't do Back Squats, Fran or any other CF WOD, they will still be programmed  but the selected workouts, lifts and skills will be core. 




The series selects 12 CrossFit benchmark workouts, four lifts, and four skill tests to perform every three months for the course of one year (each workout, lift, and test is performed 3-4 times over a year). The workouts were carefully selected to ensure a wide variety of time domains, movement patterns, combinations of movements, complexity of movements, and loading.