We are kicking the year off with adding more session to the popular Saturday as of next week. This will give you more options to work on your fitness goals. Same time we will limit the class sizes to 10, occasionally to 12 so the coaches can maintain a high level of individual attention.

We are trailing 2 new classes:

The Big Lifts: session focus on the five big lifts @ 830-930
CrossFit Family: teens and parents working out together @ 930-1030

More info will be posted tomorrow


The Saturday schedule as from next week:

Green Box:
CrossFit 0830
CrossFit 0930
CrossFit 1030

Blue Box:
Big Lifts 0830
CrossFit Family 930
CrossFit Teens 1030

Sunday schedule stays unchanged for the moment:

Green Box:
ChalkFit 0930
ChalkFit 1030

Blue Box:
Barbell Club 0930