Building Stronger Bodies First!

A new year has started and so has the next cycle in our trainings program. We are building on the progress made over last 3 months. The next 6-8 weeks are going to feel a bit different to recents workouts. We start off by putting emphasis on being strong in every position of the main movements used in functional fitness.

There will be days focused on lower body and days focused on upper body. This time the days and movements will be fixed on the schedule as we are going to apply progressive overload principle to stimulate your body to create stronger and leaner bodies.

We are going back to basic and zoom in the main functional movements patterns Push, Pull, Hinge and Squat. The first two weeks are mainly spend on strengthening your body in every position. Use his time to identify any weaknesses and iron them out. Gradually as we progress through the cycle the intensity will pick up and you will apply those strength gains in some spicy workouts.

Back to Basics 2019

Back to Basics 2019

Nutrition is key

The kick start your fitness and reap maximum benefits you should balance your nutrition too and try to avoid some of those bad eating habits. We are starting a nutrition focused Change Challenge in partnership with Dr. Sinead Roberts which will help you to achieve your goals. During the Challenge you will get:

✅Nutritional guidelines that will become specific & individualised as you progress
✅Direct access to our Nutritionist Sinead Roberts
✅Pre and post challenge physical assessments & progress markers
✅Pre-, Mid- and Post-Challenge Huddles to keep you on the right track from the beginning & beyond

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If you got any questions on how you can achieve your individual goals please drop us a note using below:

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