@@@@ CF Open Workouts 2017 - team captains and team drafts @@@@

Okay all - 38 sofar participating. Most likely the Games day will be Friday & Sat however if some of you want to do it / retake/ make up on Sunday morning or during Open Gym on Monday we can make that work.

Team Captains: 
Team 1 - Matthew Mcaneney
Team 2 - Agnes Vanblarcum Teelker
Team 3 - Vickie Long
Team 4 - Hermann Waschefort

Role team captain: the team captains will be guiding you through these 5 weeks. They will do the WODs themselves and suffer with you. Lead with tips how to have a fun time and collect points etc. As these are virtual teams he or she might not be there to cheer you on in the box however in spirit they will be with you!

You have been drafted into a team (at random!)

Team 1: Rachel O'Keefe Hendri Sint Nicolaas Emma Cantrill Colette CollinsAmanda Crabbe Zoe Murrell Mia Farlam-jones Dan Conrad Smith Ruth Batchelor

Team 2: Angie Waschefort Paula Williams Nikki Heasley Stewart DaltonGraham Collins Richard Batchelor Helen Westgate Kathryn Graham Gemma Volbrecht

Team 3: Ade Ogun Paula Kerr Mirka Hennelova Milcak Charles FribbensJulie O'Mahoney Peter Svoboda Liezl Muller Hunter Iskandar Vanblarcum

Team 4: Pauline Gibson Gordon Murphy Charlotte Alexander Dan PopeDominic O'Mahoney Ryan Donaldson Gemma Emmings Marian Lively