The winner of our Challenge is....

Our Change Challenge sponsored by RX Meat has finished.

16 of our members have been working on their health and fitness in the last 6 weeks with amazing results.

The challenge was to stick to a diet, or I shouldn't say diet but stick to natural foods and stay away from all the processed foods, sugars and alcohol. They had to mobilise their muscles every day, drink enough water and workout on a daily basis.

The results have been amazing. Weight has come down and some members lost 10kg in only 6 weeks time. But even better the waistline has shrunk on average by 5cm. 

Next to eating healthy and working out our members have focussed on living a healthier life by moving around more, sleeping enough, trying to control their stress levels and more.

I am proud to announce the winner of this challenge as she has worked hard to stick to the rules: Liezl Hunter.

The price of this challenge was sponsored by RX Meat. RX Meat sells Meat and Fish of high quality and ticks every box in living a healthy life style by using natural product. Liezl will get a £50,- voucher to spend on Meat and Fish at RX Meat.

Liezl scored most points by sticking to the challenge rules and therefor was the biggest loser in weight and inches around her hips and waistline.  Next to that Liezl has been working hard in the Box and has made a huge progress in her fitness and strength.

Well done to all 16 who have taken part in the challenge! Make sure you stick to the rules as much as possible for the weeks, months and years coming. You all have lost weight and improved fitness in only 6 weeks time, I can't wait to see where you all will be in 6 months time!