We like to introduce you to our Members Forum

All… our ‘box’ is always looking to keep evolving and adapting to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, and that Chalkbox continues to be the fun, inspiring and community spirited place to workout that it is today!

The Coaches of our Box have asked for a few members to help make sure the voice of the community is heard, and help to collate and relay any feedback, thoughts and ideas. This group of members will work closely with Agnes and the team, meeting regularly to relay any feedback and to work together to continually improve things.

Myself, Amanda Crabbe, Suzy Clark, James Rooke, Emma Parker, James Foster, Pauline Gibson, Zoe Murrell and Mia Farlam have been volunteered to be part of this group.

Please feel free to bring up any ideas or thoughts with us. Obviously it might be hard to action everything, but every members opinion matters - we will do our best to help make changes where practical / feasible. Of course, you can speak to the Chalkbox coaching team directly as always, this is just another informal way to make sure any great thoughts and ideas from the members can get fed back to continue to make Chalkbox a great place to be a part of.

See you at the Box.... cheers.

Dan Foord