Fit or not fit we love to have you!

I know CrossFit can come across scary and intense. And to be honest it is scary and intense…. But we have learned that if you like to get fit and strong you need to get out of your comfort zone and rebuilt your boundaries. If you always stay in your “safe” space you will never improve and most likely never reach your goals.

But if you are keen to get fitter, lose body fat and feel good from the inside out and you have been unfit for a while the words out of comfort zone might be too daunting. Therefor we have got classes where we don’t push you to your limit. We will help you start moving first, when you feel more confident we will slowly add the intensity till you feel ready to start our CrossFit sessions. These sessions are called NEW2XFIT

The mission statement of ChalkBox is Building Fitter Bodies. We like to do this in a environment with movements at each person’s individual pace. Our goal is to help every person who walks through our doors achieve what they came for. This can be losing weight, feeling strong and fit, becoming more healthy or just having fun with others working out together. What every your goal is, we are here to help and will make it our mission to get you there.

We have added more New2XFit sessions to our schedule to make sure everyone has the opportunity to work on a better version of themselves.

Our New2XFit sessions are Monday & Wednesday 10:30am and Tuesday & Thursday 7:30pm.

Your first session is FREE so book in now!

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