Kids aged 11-18 years can be part of our lifting team

At ChalkBox we have started Teens Barbell Club where we focus on the 2 Olympic lifts: the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.

Skip demos a Snatch at CrossFit ChalkBox

Skip demos a Snatch at CrossFit ChalkBox


We teach our young athletes how to move properly and make them stronger. They will only lift heavier weights when they move well and are physically ready. The teenage body undergoes a number of hormonal and physiological changes that maximise the potential for marked increases in strength, muscle mass and, consequently, athletic performance. And while just about any kind of physical activity will build lean muscle for a teenager, carefully programmed training regimens—like we have at ChalkBox—can send that progress off the charts.

A member of our Teens coaching team is Skip Callard who is a great example of what the teens can achieve when they work for something.


We teach the children discipline, team focus and confidence. The sessions are for both boys and girls at any level. We have beginner- and advance levels and we will have a competition team as well. Children can move from one group the another and with the right mentality every child can be part of our competition team.


Our Teens Barbell sessions are on Thursdays 5:30pm. if you are interested in joining us you can use the email link below.

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