Quality of movement is more important than anything else

All our ChalkBox members are fitness junkies. They have found a sport where they make good progress and they want much of it. This is great as this means all our members are working on their health - a lot.

Sometimes though we forget to go back to the basics. We all have busy lifes, professionally and socially and we need to fit in all. Our daily life in general is based on survival mode experiences; quick meal between meetings, racing up and down for school runs, most of us are very used to live a life on a fairly high stress level. This means that our bodies react to this way of living. We will be tense, we will be tiered and yes we will be stressed.

Therefor we have developed our ChalkLift sessions. In these sessions we put quality of movement first. We will be doing less reps and less load. We give our bodies time to adjust and engage with our muscles.

By joining our ChalkLift sessions you will teach your body to move well. You will focus on how you move and you will learn to engage every muscles, not only the main big ones. The more you do of our ChalkLift sessions the more you will be able to transfer this into our high intensity CrossFit sessions. You will get better at moving well also in a high rep workout. You will recover quicker and you will make more progress.

The ChalkBox coaches already have made ChalkLift part of their weekly routine. Its time our members do the same. ChalkLift sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday.