A new name, A new drive

Our great coach Sarah Laws is heading up the ChalkLift program. Her focus will be on proper movement and activation of the correct muscles.

Sarah: ChalkLift will be FUN!

Sarah: ChalkLift will be FUN!

"There is separate programming for those involved in ChalkLift, and it meets various times during the week. Sarah said the main benefit is the value of knowing how to do the lifts correctly. “(Members) just have a greater heightened sense of awareness of the lifts and a greater appreciation for how challenging they are, Next to that people will improve in their CrossFit WODS and will be better prepared for the WODs” she said.

You will be squatting, dead lifting, pressing, pulling and pushing. Next to all these movements we will help you get stronger by using exercises to activate the correct muscles. Our ChalkLift sessions offer you skill, technique, strength and fitness and will help you improve in CrossFit sessions and any other sport.

ChalkLift is for every ChalkBox member no matter your experience. Our skilled coaches will scale movements where needed and will help you master the movements. Our elite lifters will be tweaked on their technique and will be pushed in getting stronger.

We have got ChalkLift sessions on Tuesday and Saturday morning and Thursday evening and from September we will add more ChalkLift sessions.

Our ChalkLift sessions will bring both ChalkBox and our members to the next level!