You ask, We listen!

Your coaches have gone back to the drawing board to get ready for a new ChalkBox season after your summer break.

We will be adding new sessions, more classes and new memberships. As always the focus will be on supporting our members in their fitness journey and giving them a great experience in every session.

What can you expect?

More of ChalkFit , a brand new set up for ChalkLift (former BigLift) , Strength program, Gymnastics program, Skill program and more focus on looking after your body.

We are ready to bring ChalkBox to the next level and we hear so are you!

Keep your eyes focused on our website for the new change announcements and in the mean time we like to wish you all a great summer break! Our classes will continue as usual with some minor changes in August on the Saturdays.

The Saturdays will be running a little different in August and there won't be ChalkLift sessions in the week of August 13th.