We like to introduce you to Coach Laura

Laura has been following our intern program for many months now and recently she qualified for CF Level 1. We are thrilled to inform you that Laura is taking on her own classes sharing her love fitness with all of you. 

As part of our ambition to create for you the best possible support to achieve your fitness goals we continue to invest in our Coaching team and are looking for interns to join. Click here for more info


We asked her to tell us more about her back ground & this is what she had to say:

"I took part in a lot of sports when I was younger, I was up for trying anything including tennis, volleyball and athletics, I was even lucky enough to try sailing and rowing and competed at national level in kayaking as a teenager. After that I spent a lot of time in normal gyms and took up taekwondo. I always liked to change things up and try new things so finding CrossFit was perfect because it offered so much variation and the opportunity to constantly develop and hit new goals. I took up CrossFit in 2015 and haven't looked back, taking part in local competitions in both CrossFit and Olympic Lifting. 

CrossFit offers a constant challenge and an amazing community, it shed a new light on how we should move and the importance of moving well in daily life. I love the technical side of it, the progression people see and am still amazed of the impact CrossFit has on people's confidence both inside and outside of the gym and that's why I decided to get into coaching, to play a bigger role in someone else's journey."


Please welcome Laura to the team!