Those days at the box when you find yourself gasping for breath and struggling to stand at the end or during your session are not just for your coaches amusement. Their are many benefits to short but INTENSE training, some of which include;

  • Reducing blood sugar and insulin resistance 

  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure

  • Improve oxygen consumption in a shorter amount of time then traditional long and low intense training sessions 

  • Help gain lean muscle 

  • Help lose body fat 

  • Burn more calories in a shorter amount of time

  • Improve your metabolic rate for hours after training so therefore burning more calories 

If their is a body type you aspire to achieve or health markers you wish to hit then part of that journey is going to involve uncomfortable but still enjoyable high intensity sessions in the gym.

A few times a week maybe but don’t overdo it..., these sessions can be hard to recover from so mixing this up with other classes you enjoy but still require you to move well through a full range of motion is ideal.

But before you hit that workout with this Intensity you want all the benefits from you must first be able to perform every rep with a full range of GOOD MOVEMENT . It is very important that the movements can be performed correctly and CONSISTENTLY before load and speed are added. While intensity is an important part of the Chalkbox program at times, it is added after movement proficiency is established. Ignoring this increases the risk for injury and potentially blunts long-term progress, especially if poor movement is combined with load.

If you cannot perform the movement then no problem as your coach will appropriately scale the exercise for you so you can still reach the desired stimulus safely . Also improving your mobility and ability to perform these multi joint functional exercise.

So remember to work hard as that is where you get the most favourable adaption 💪 but not at the expense of good and consistent movement with every exercise in your workout.