My Personal Perspective from 2018 Open

*we are reposting this blog as it is so true!

I came across this blog that I wrote last year during the Open, thought I’d share it with you below - it’s funny reading it back, I’m still as excited and passionate about it this year and hope that I’ve improved and learnt some lessons in the last 12 months, bring it on!! 😄
— Mia

I am without a doubt my own biggest critic, pushing myself to be as good as I can be and always thinking about things I can’t do and wishing I could be faster, stronger, better, comparing myself and my performance in my head with people over half my age! 

After 18.1 I knew I could push harder, so I repeated it with a plan and a mindset and smashed my previous score, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or throw up at the end so I knew I’d given it my best! 


18.2 I knew was going to be hard, those burpees were going to hurt, I worked through it on Saturday but then with a minute left to make my clean I started too light and didn’t have time to get to my target, kicking myself and considering a repeat, thinking I could have pushed harder. 

Then over the weekend I thought back to the 2017 Open, my first open at Chalkbox after doing Crossfit for about 5 months. This time last year I was so unfit I couldn’t even do burpees and had to scale to jumping in and out leaning on a box which exhausted me as much as full burpees do today! 
I couldn’t squat below parallel, I couldn’t do a push up, my rowing was terrible and I couldn’t front squat or do most of the things I now do on a regular basis at the box.  So I have actually come a long way in a year, as well as making some great friends, I’m lighter, stronger, fitter and totally addicted to this place! There’s still plenty I haven’t mastered but so what, there’s time for that! 

Update, I redid 18.2 before the deadline, half a minute faster and a 5kg better lift, yes! Another massively emotional evening being supported and pushed on by friends and cheering on people pushing themselves further than they ever imagined they could, the Open is an exciting time in the Crossfit calendar, and Chalkbox is a special place full of all kinds of amazing people. Be inspired by what we all do there each day, stop and remind yourself regularly where you were when you started, we all have our own stories, motivations and personal victories big and small; be humble, be brave, respect your journey, enjoy it and celebrate your achievements with your community. 18.3 bring it on, eeek!!! 💪🏼😄💪🏼 

Well 18.3 announcement is out....ouch!! I got double unders a month or two ago but can’t string them together yet, so scale that for sure, oh squats not a strength but can suck that up, don’t have pull ups, screwed! Oh well!


18.3 over and done with, tough and frustrating wod for lots of us but we all did our best, excited to see what challenges 18.4 brings this weekend, fingers crossed for deadlifts! 

18.4 be careful what you wish for! 😄 probably my favourite wod so far as plenty of deadlifts but I am in a world of pain today! Hard to maintain technique when against the clock, pass me the foam roller and the nurofen! Saturday was brilliant again, top atmosphere, lots of laughs and lots of people giving it all they had, me included! One week to go.... 

18.5 done, thrusters and jumping pull ups, way harder than it looked on paper! fantastic last open Saturday at the box finished off with a bbq. My screaming in people’s faces today to get in one more rep was a bit extreme, hope I haven’t upset anyone 😄 pleased with my score on this one, I am so much fitter than I was this time last year, can’t wait to see where I am on my journey next year and where I place on the open scoreboard vs. this year. 

It’s been a fantastic 5 weeks, emotional, exhausting, hilarious and inspiring, proud to be a part of this incredible Chalkbox community, bring on the next challenge!