My daily workouts

Every time when I go for a WOD I need to remind myself of ……myself. I am a husband, farther of 3, coach, gym owner, City worker, 46 years old and have fallen in love with CrossFit.

It is easy to forget that you are on a journey to feel better and healthier. And it is easy to forget what you have achieved. Some six years ago I weighed 110kg, definitely couldn’t do a muscle up or even heard of Fran.

Today when I workout with my buddies we challenge ourselves, we take it serious, very serious but we put it in perspective.

When we have to chose between setting a heavy 1 rep or 5 rep we pick a heavy 5. Why? Because 5 is more than 1.

When we got a tough WOD ahead but we feel broken we scale and just move. Why? Because we only got 1 body.

When there’s a new movement or complex skill we try. Why? Because only when you fail you learn.

Every time we look forward with a smile to the next WOD. Why? Because the hard work isn’t with the body, it is with the mind.

Photo: Milo Thomas Photography