Does your shoulder pinch while doing push ups or in an overhead press?

If the answer is yes, it’s more than likely down to your inability to control your shoulder blade. If your shoulder blade shrugs up and forward and you then repeat this for hundreds and thousands of reps (at home, in the gym or at work or driving) then the shoulder may become impinged due to the shoulder being in a constant state of internal rotation.

What is impingement?

Impingement is pain in the front of the shoulder and yes it sucks! However it can be improved without surgery by using exercises to improve shoulder blade positing.

When we shrug and roll our shoulders forward the bone at the top of the shoulder (acromion) will start to compress the supraspinatus rotator cuff muscle when you lift the arm. Over time the rotator cuff can become inflammed or even start to fray.

When you learn to rotate the shoulder blade around the rib cage the acromion is pulled away from the rotator cuff muscle and it gives the muscle more space to glide through the groove when you lift the arm.

This technique of pulling the shoulder blades down and back is difficult when in the push up position so try when standing. Ask on of our PTs for some help in this to get the best out of the movement pattern to stop the impingement in the shoulder.

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