Using the KB’s in a bottoms up position provide a whole host of rewards.  Bottoms-up movements force you to stabilize the scapula by properly activating all the muscles surrounding the rotator cuff and shoulder joint. Not only does it have an immediate impact on shoulder health, but it teaches you optimal recruitment patterns for protecting the glenohumeral joint on other movements as well.

Other benefits of KB bottoms up presses:

  • They improve spinal alignment and posture

  • They improve grip strength

  • They increase mental focus

  • They increase motor control

There are many ways how you can use the KB’s in bottoms up position. Below clips gives you a few ideas.

1 arm kneeled or standing KB Press. This is a great movement to start off with as you cannot go heavy. Kneeled position will work shoulders, core and hips if you might want to start standing first and progress to half kneeling.

Half kneeling bottoms up kb press :

1) Back knee directly under hip 2) Front knee directly over ankle 3) When right knee is on floor, press with right arm 4) When left knee is on floor, press with left arm 5) Ribcage engaged entire press (no arching) 6) Full range press, all the way down, all the way up

You can either do double or single KB bottoms up press. 1) rib cage down and think of sucking your belly button in. 2) have your elbows in front of you, not resting against your chest 3) take a deep breath, squeeze the handle and press the KB up

This variation will really challenge your shoulder stability and ability to keep your core tight. Start off light and if needed only with 1 KB. Remember relax traps, shoulders down and no arching of lower back.

If you really looking for a challenge try this one. Try to keep your shoulders down, don’t shrug your traps, don’t arch your lower back and keep on breathing!