A NEW membership

We have added a new membership. This membership does NOT include CrossFit but only our ChalkFit sessions.

ChalkFit is designed to help people work on their aerobic capacity, lose body fat and feel more energetic.

Aerobic capacity is the ability of the heart and lungs to bring oxygen to the muscles. This is something you need in daily life. Our ChalkFit sessions have different levels which mean form very unfit to novice people can benefit from these sessions. It’s a great class for people who are new to fitness and/or like to work on aerobic capacity.


Our ChalkFit membership gives you unlimited access to all our ChalkFit sessions. (Monday, Tuesday, Sunday morning and Wednesday, Friday evening)

We have added this membership because we understand not all people feel ready for CrossFit sessions yet. ChalkFit sessions are simple exercises with the focus on increasing your engine.

Your first ChalkFit session is FREE so book in now and give ChalkFit a try!

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