As we got an influx on new members we like to refresh you with the context around the programming at ChalkBox. Moving well does only come with training. We believe that first your mechanics need to be perfect then want you to move consistently well and then you up the intensity.

That means that not every session will end with you flat out on the floor gasping for air. There's a time for that :-). Just like with football you got training days and you got match days. At ChalkBox we follow the same principle:

The training days are:

Movement & Skills (M&S) and Mental Toughness (MT) days.  When the session is labeled M&S expect a session in which you will zoom into a specific movement - perfecting it. This your opportunity to work on your range of motion, strength and movement patterns. A MT session is a low skilled, low load session in which you have to put mind over matter. Yes mental toughness can be trained and we all have been in that dark place....

The "match" day is: 

Fitness session is your chance to measure your progress. It is Games day!!!! Not there yet? Don't worry scale the workout and crack on. Put those newly learned skills and strength gains to work.

As we always want to measure our progress you have to log your score. Read more about that here and follow instructions at the end of this post: LOG YOU SCORES



M&S Day:

A) 15minutes to find a heavy 3 repThrusters

B) "Fran"

21-15-9 reps of:


Pull Ups

In this session expect to work on drills to perfect your movement pattern, range of motions and  strength. The load used for "Fran" should be something you can do without losing form - you scale when needed.

MT Day:

A) "Fran Ladder"

For time 21-15-9-15-21 reps of:


Pull Ups

In this session expect to move consistently well and when you hit that wall break it down. Again load and movements are scaled down to your ability. Another example of MT would be a 10k row.



21-15-9 reps of:

Thrusters 42.5/30 kg

Pull Ups

The workout is down on the board as RX. This is the bench mark. Now it is up to you to give it a go. If you feel confident you perform the workout as RX and you try to beat Rich Froning's time of 2:02 in CrossFit Games 2012. If you are not there yet, you scale load and movement to your ability however it is Games day... so put your game face on.

You got 2 options you either record your scores in a LOG BOOK. We sell them in the box so pick one up or you go digital and use SUGARWOD


Step 1: Download the SugarWOD App on your phone, it's for Free

Step 2: Sign Up with Email / Sign Up with Facebook (AKA Create your account)

Step 3: Find My Box

Step 4: Log your Scores after Every Workout

Step 5: Connect with Others in the Box and Invite them