As the holiday season is coming to an end and life is getting back to normal it is time to update you on next components in the cycle.The meso cycle will run from September till January 2018.  We are making a few changes based on your logs in Sugarwod and observations from the coaching team.


What can you expect?

Big Lifts

This will be a fixed item on the schedule. Multi compound lifts are building your muscular strength and forms the basis for your fitness. These sessions are structured for progressively load over the weeks and it is key for you to keep track of your scores. 

Olympic Lifts

The Snatch, Clean and Jerks are another set of multi compound movements. They built on the foundations of the Big Lifts and will help you with your mobility and general movement patterns.

Aerobic Training

As always a main staple in CrossFit's workouts. The program will work systametically through your Aerobic system from increasing your aerobic capacity to improving your body's ability to clear lactid acid.


Check-in Two Weeks is coming up:

This will kick off week of Sep 25th. For those members with us for some time know the drill. There will be a twist this time around as it coincides with the CrossFit Team Series and as a box we are going to take part in. For the newbies see below:


 Because we can only know where we are on our fitness journey if we measure where we are. In CrossFit a lot of the workouts we do are measurable and observable. We often repeat certain benchmark workouts and we take specific tests before and after a meso cycle.

Your coaches will use the feed back from the 2 week period to asses the effectiveness of our programming and make adjustments.


What will we be testing? 

There will be a variety of tests such as :

Absolute Strength: How much can you lift for example 5 rep max or 3 rep max

Relative Strength & Strengh Endurance: How much can you lift for example 5 rep max or 3 rep max relative to your body weight or period of time

Explosive Power: What is your max power output?

Anaerobic Capacity: ability of your body to produce energy without the use of oxygen

Aerobic Capacity: ability to of your body to use oxygen as efficient as possible whilst generating power output.

Are there no regular workouts then? Don't worry. It will be a fun 2 week period. Every session will be structured as you are used to and will include a workout


Repeat of the Benchmark WOD's

During the Check In week we will repeat all 5 Benchmark WOD's. We might throw in a few other workouts and see how you cope with it, after all it is CrossFit so be ready for the unexpected :-).

Don't know what a Benchmark WOD is? Read more about it here