Healthy weight loss success story

We are very proud of one of our members who's joined ChalkBox only 3 months ago and has transferred herself 360 degrees.

She didn't enjoy going to gyms and always felt intimidated. She had started a diet and managed to start losing some weight but was struggling to stay motivated. Finally on August 30th she decided to check out ChalkBox and never looked back.

Since then she has lost over 3 stone following our 8 weeks nutrition challenge and you can find her at the Box on almost a daily basis. Not only has she transferred her body image, she also turned into a gym junkie who loves working on her strength and conditioning.

Any CrossFit workout we throw at her she takes on 100%. Being part of the ChalkBox community has made her realise that woking out is fun and rewarding. Our ChalkBox community has supported her in becoming a very confident athlete who is still working towards her target of being able to wear the dress of her dreams in the size of her dreams in April 2018. And there is no doubt she will hit her goal.

Never before..

was anyone allowed to share photos of her in gym gear. But now she has reached a point where she is happy for us to show the progress she has made over the last 3 months and be an example for anyone who is struggling to lose weight.

We can't wait to present you the final photo of this young lady in her dress in April next year!

If you reached a point where you have tried it all but struggle to lose weight and keep it off, its time to try out ChalkBox. We are starting a new nutrition challenge mid-January & will be posting more information on this soon.

Above story is just one of the many successes we can share with you. Don't wait for a miracle to happen. Use the button below and book a free taster sessions, put on your gym gear and turn up. From there everything becomes easy as working out can be fun. Our coaches and community would love to be part of YOUR success story.