It is that time of the year again! Our yearly social aka party to celebrate how awesome we all are is taking place on Saturday 12th of Jan. Yes that is in less than 10 days.


It is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. We have booked a different venue than last year as feed back was you wanted more to eat and less to nibble. We approached Hattusa in Sevenoaks and they are delighted to serve some classic ‘honest’ Turkish /Middle Eastern food - The Hattusa Special. Don’t like meat? Don’t worry there are vegetarian and gluten free options too. Just let us know.

We got a little discount and the cost per person is £17.50 for the meal excluding drinks. You have to book in advance as you cannot just show up on the day. It is food followed by socialising at the bar!

Friends, partners and kids all welcome!! We hope to see you all there!

When? Saturday 12th start 7pm for 7.30 food followed by drinks at the Hattusa bar! Friends, partners and kids all welcome!!


Cost? £17.50 excluding drinks pay via your Team Up account. Drinks have to be settled at the restaurant.

Vegetarian or gluten free? Not a problem let us know.