We are running a club for teens in Half Term

Boost your fitness this schoolbreak by joining one of ChalkBox’s TEENS programs.

Coach Katie is keen to keep your children active in a FUN way during half term.

CrossFit Teens session

CrossFit Teens session

  • 2 hour sessions

  • Metabolic conditioning, skills and strength training

  • Vestibular work & impact loading – great for increasing mineral content in growing bones

  • Mobilisation for greater range of movement

  • Muscle activation techniques to promote good functional movement, and improve strength & power.


  • When: Monday 22nd October - Friday 26th October

  • Time: 2pm-4pm

  • Daily

  • Cost: £50 the 5 days course/ £12.50 for 1 day

  • Age group: 11-15 years

Spaces are limited so make sure you book NOW