I work long hours / I hate cooking / I am a busy parent / I have a million hobbies / I am not sure what ‘eating better’ means / it is expensive / [insert other reason].

Here are some practical strategies, backed by science, that you can implement even in a busy life to improve your nutrition. It might not make it ‘perfect’, but all movement in the right direction is progress and will help support long term health and performance. You work hard in the gym, don’t lose it at the table!!

Don’t have much time …

1.      Bulk cook curries, pastas, porridge etc at weekends and refrigerate / freeze for the week ahead

Eating on the go…

2.      Buy fresh and avoid ingredients that don’t sound anything like food!

3.      Make a ‘go to’ list of healthy choices at your usual lunch and dinner spots, i.e. simple ingredients, including protein and vegetables. This removes ‘in the moment’ decisions that are more likely to be excessively processed or high in calories


Increase your fruit and veg intake …

1.      Add fruit to your breakfast

2.      Add a side salad to your lunch (if your lunch spots don’t sell one, take a detour to the supermarket on the way to work for a £1 salad bowl)

3.      If you don’t buy fresh fruit and veg because don’t know when you will be home to eat it, buy frozen (it is as nutritious!)


Look after your bacteria …

1.      Those in your gut that is! Eat bacteria (fermented food) daily. Full fat yoghurt, soft aged cheeses, kombucha, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut all work!


Snack wisely …

1.      Choose natural yoghurt with some fresh fruit and honey over low fat flavoured yoghurt

2.      Switch crisps for veg sticks and hummus, or nuts with a shaking of salt

3.      Eat good quality chocolate – Green&Black and Lindt over Nestle and Cadbury

4.      See the BBC website here for ideas.

5.      Plan your snacks to avoid making unhealthy choices in a fit of hunger!


Drink well …

1.      Drink 1ml per kcal you eat; keep a bottle on your desk and sip through the day!


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