CrossFit is Simple, Elegant and Effective

CrossFit is all about forging a broad general and inclusive fitness. It is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.
— Coach Iskandar

CrossFit is Functional

CrossFit will transform the way you think about fitness. It will do this by exposing you to functional movements. Functional movements in the gym are those that replicate movement in real life or sport. For example, nearly every day in life, you bend over and pick something up.

CrossFit is for Everyone

CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. All the movements we do in CrossFit are universal in their ability to improve your performance. The workouts are structured so both beginners and experienced athletes can train safely and effectively. For a beginner we often reduce the total reps, weight, rounds or distance, or eliminate the clock. For more advanced athletes we also provide scaling up options.

CrossFit’s definition of fitness, being functionally capable across a broad array of fitness related skills is of primary importance. These skills include strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, speed, power, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. Any athlete from any sport can use CrossFit as a training method, and return to their sport better, faster, and stronger.

Your Fitness Journey, Your Options

Our CrossFit session are highly varied and our programming is structured to help you to progress with your fitness.  As you go along your journey you will be exposed to weaknesses and for a period of time you might want to bias your training to address those weaknesses. Or you might want to hone into a skill or specific movement that is going to make you even more awesome.

Add Ons:

  • ChalkFit: bias on Aerobic Capacity training through low skilled, low load movements. You can only train your Aerobic Capacity at an intensity at which the complete oxygen-transporting system (aerobic system) is activated to the maximum, while lactate accumulation in the muscles is not yet reached.

  • Barbell Club: in our CrossFit sessions we lift a lot and if you want to hone into Olympic Lifting technique, work on strength and mobility the same time then this is the place to be for you.

We dropped the running club & pilates both due to low demand. 


But there’s is more and we are introducing:

Gymnastic Course led by Coach Katie, starting Friday 8th of September

Strength Club led by Coach Isk, starting Monday 4th of September

ChalkFit Training our new 1-2-1 Coaching & Nutrition Program led by Coach Agnes & Coach Theo, launching soon

Gymnastic Course Led by Coach Katie



It’s on top of most of the goal lists but still many of you have not succeeded yet: Your first Pull UP. Getting your first pull up means you need to work on specific strength which we do in our CrossFit sessions but not in every session. Therefore we have developed a focused 6 week program to work on your pulling and pushing strength and to help you tick the box on your goals list

This is an interactive 6 weeks course which will focus on Pull Ups and Push Ups. Course participants learn to apply gymnastics principles in training to increase strength development, core control and spatial awareness – all of which improve CrossFit performance.

The course will involve:

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Gymnastic strength with focus on pulling and pushing.

  • 1 hour session every Friday 9:30am coached by Katie

  • individualised homework for the week

We aim to help you get your first strict pull up but we can’t guarantee you your first pull up at the end of the 6 weeks course as pull ups and push ups are depending on your mobility, strength and body weight. But we do guarantee you to give you all the tools to get your first pull up in.


You will be working on mobility and gymnastic strength which is important to progress in CrossFit and will add to everything you do in your daily life. Shoulder mobility, core strength and being able to engage your lats is essential for all upper body strength exercises you do.


We will start September 8th at 9:30am. Coach Katie will teach you all skill and strength work to get you closer to your pull up. You are expected to do at least 3 days of 15min home work for 6 weeks.


The course will be for 6 weeks starting on September 8th at 9:30am.  There will be a 1 hour session every following Friday at 9:30am and  you will get individualised home work. The cost is £40 for the 6 weeks.

For the Gymnastic course we need a minimum sign up of 8 people and a maximum of 12.

Strength Club led by Coach Iskandar

It is back as a permament feature on the schedule but with a twist.

Crossfit-31 copy.jpg


The Strength Program is aimed at developing strength and structural balances, which is important to both the beginner and the advanced CrossFitter. Coach Isk provides a basic template which he will individualise for your specific goals. Every member will have their own program. It might be to correct an imbalance in your shoulder, it could be addressing lower back pain and/or weakness or perhaps you just want to get overall stronger.

Your specific Program might include:

  • Skill development session

  • Goal specific accessory work

  • Session specific pre-exercise routine

  • Movement therapy & recovery work

All to be done before, during and/or after the session. 


It is important to establish motor skills, co-ordination, range of motion and correct muscle activation during movement patterns. This Program will provide the beginner CrossFitter with the movement competency, structural strength and integrity that will allow them to handle more advanced movement patterns.

For the advanced CrossFitter then you simply cannot afford to overlook this structural balance component. Not only will this session provide the extra strength work you require, but it will also keep you your body balanced and injury free

Form and technique is paramount and this takes precedence over intensity. None of the workouts are ‘for time’ and any ‘AMRAP’s are all for quality.


The Program is structured as a bi weekly Coach Led session & weekly Open Gym. In the Coached sessions you will work through the Strength Program and get guidance on how to complete a further goal specific 2-3 workouts during Open Gym. We encourage you to find a super best friend and complete the Open Gym sessions together. 

Due to the highly level of individual attention the Strength Club is limited to 8 members only.


The Program will run in cycles of 12 weeks. When it finsihes you can choose to continue with the next Program depending on your goals or follow any other session. The cost is £75 for the 12 weeks.

ChalkFit Training 1-2-1 Coaching and Nutrition Program led by Coach Agnes & Coach Theo

We are launching ChalkFit Training,  our 1-2-1 Coaching & Nutrition Program, and are expecting to be able to book our sessions from September 4th.

Previous injuries, mobility issues, weight and body awareness can sometimes limit your progress in our CrossFit sessions. In our 1-2-1 coaching we will create a personal program to help you overcome these hurdles so you can progress again in your group sessions. We will also offer individualised Nutrition plans.

If you are interested in 1-2-1 Coaching drop Coach Agnes a line.