Injuries shouldn’t limit our ability to train and achieve our goals. I actively encourage members & clients to come in when they have a niggle so I can asses and fix
— Coach Mel

From time to time injuries and niggles occur. This is something that happens. And most often then not, it’s from doing something like doing your back in picking up a sock. Let’s take this injury for example.... did you know the Back likes to be moved?! And if you sit down to aid recovery you could actually be doing more damage? Yes there are some cases where his may not be the case but that’s why we are here! 

Our injury specialists aren’t just there to dish out hard work we also know the body and know what it needs. It’s our job to tailor your workouts EVEN if you have an injury. 

So think twice next time you hit that cancel button on your Crossfit session or PT session. As who knows maybe you’ll walk out of the Box feeling better than you did when you walked in?

Get in touch with Coach Mel, Agnes and Alan if you have any injury related questions.

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