Will you survive CrossFit?

Every day I speak to people who are scared of giving CrossFit at ChalkBox a try. All those weights, those strong and fit people.. Will you fit in or stick out as the unfit one?

At ChalkBox we offer not just a strength and conditioning program. We offer a healthy lifestyle surrounded by a community with like minded people. You will be making new friends for life who will share their love for fitness with you.

To be honest; CrossFit is not for everyone. I believe CrossFit is only for the people who like to spend an hour in the gym as a well spend hour. 

At ChalkBox you will be pushed. All our coaches have made it their priority to make you progress in strength and fitness. You will be sweating, aching, sometimes mentally challenged. But the outcome will be a fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself. You will lose body fat within weeks, you will feel more energised and your strength and fitness will progress massively.

If you are the person who prefers to go on a treadmill and jog for 30min in a moderate speed followed by an aerobic class with an instructor in front of the class who will let you do some jumps and sit ups then we recommend you go to our nearby neighbours who offer all of this. But if you like to spend your money and time well we recommend you try out ChalkBox.

Every hour you spend at ChalkBox means an hour coached in a small group by an professional dedicated coach. An hour where you learn how to move properly in every functional movement you can think of. An hour where you will be mobilising your body to prevent injuries in daily life. An hour where you are guaranteed of becoming fitter, stronger and leaner. An hour where you walk away from proud of your achievements. An hour well spend to achieve your goals.

Do you need to be fit to start at ChalkBox? Ofcourse not... You can come in at any level and we will make you fit! Will people look at you if you have a different shape or fitness level? Ofcourse not, how do you think they looked and what level they were at when they started?

Anyone can start training at ChalkBox. We welcome any level of fitness with any background. The only thing we expect of you is that you want to become fitter and stronger and let the coaches of Chalkbox help you achieve this.

Ready to give it a try? Don't wait any longer and book your FREE taster here.

See you soon

The ChalkBox Team

Not convinced anyone can do CrossFit? Have a look at this video.