Stronger, Leaner & Healthier You trainings program:

January & February:

We are leading up to the CrossFit Open which is starting on February 23th. The CrossFit Open workouts will be used to check your progress - yes this year we will do check ins after the Open. That means we got circa 6-7 weeks to prepare ourselves. Therefore the program will be divided in three 10 days cycles: Base, Progress and RX. Every micro cycle is from monday - friday and is a building block towards the next cycle.

We DON'T do workouts at random in our program:

At the end of this cycle you will find a progression to almost all of the fundamental aspects of movement: pulling, pushing, squatting, pressing, jumping, lifting, running and rowing. The plan is to methodically (not randomly) advance a broad range of members concisely as possible given current science. 


Below is important Please have a read, it is important to understand why we do what we do @ ChalkBox.

Understand the schedule

Below gives you an idea of whats coming your way. Also you can follow the sessions that might more suits your goals. Do you want to get stronger? Follow more the Movement & Skills days. Missed a metcon session? Jump on ChalkFit. Like to work on your overall strength? Try Barbell or Strength Club. Later this week we will update you on new classes and how you can indiviualise your fitness program.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 10.10.13.png

Our workouts are based on mindset and physical adaptation. We all have been were you are and believe that not every day you have to go hard and fast to achieve your goals. Just like for a footballer there are training days and there are match days. Each day your workout will be based on the idea of a “Training day ”  (Movement & Skill day (M&S)), “Competition day”  (FItness WOD) or a “Mental Toughness day” (or Bench Mark WOD). This gives a context for which you need to prioritize for any given class.

On a Movement & Skill (M&S) day you and the coach are to prioritize the quality of the movement: Your coach will focus on honing into your individual skill and body mechanics. Typically you will work at 70-80% of your effort.

On Fitness WOD days you have to focus the mindset on “Going for it.” Here, we ask you to pick a point of competition – something that will motivate them deeply – whether that’s competing with someone of like ability, a time from another class, or simply competing against oneself against a previous PB, the idea is to intentionally create some pressure and use that as a tool to improve self

Next, we have Bench Mark WOD (Mental Toughness) days. These, in general, are longer, grueling workouts that take a toll on body and the mind. The focus here is breathe. We focus on the meditative quality of being in great degree of physical pain, breathing through it and learning to stay calm with breath technique. Ultimately, these workouts aren’t about the clock – it’s about who you are when you hit the wall.

Finally, this program has a comprehensive and intelligent layout over a multi week training cycle with a test/retest component. 




Scaling is not a dirty word! Often in our WODs there are loads and reps prescribed. In CrossFit speak we call that RX. This is for you a guidance but not necessarily your goal! This is why:

CrossFit is all about intensity and it’s important to always remember that. Take Fran for an example: Fran should be done in 7 mins or less. If one athlete scales Fran and they do it in 6 mins and another does it RX and it takes them 15, the scaled athlete got a better workout. The reason is for that is intensity. That’s the aspect of CrossFit that creates change. Whether that means change in your body or change in your mentality about what you can and can’t do.

Intensity will create change…. Which means intensity will create results. So if you’re pushing to RX a WOD but sacrificing the ability to keep up with the intensity, then the answer is an easy no.

Remember this formula:

  • Mechanics: Can I air squat properly?
  • Consistency: Can I air squat properly for multiple reps?
  • Intensity: Can I air squat properly for multiple reps for time?

You can use this formula for any movement. Once you have these three elements down, you can add load… as long as it doesn’t change any one of those three.