After the Christmas break its time to work on your belly and eating habits

Our Change Challenge will start on January 15th. The Change Challenge is all about creating good habits that fit YOUR life style.

We are excited to announce that during the 6 weeks you will be coached following a personalised diet plan. 

We will be focusing on a good diet which will be easy to follow, movements and a general health life style. We shouldn't call it a diet as we will teach you a lifestyle you can maintain for the rest of your life. Focus will be on losing body fat, feeling more energised and getting better results in the gym

But there is more.....

The winners gets to spend time with our new ChalkBox coach Melissa Porter! Melissa is a qualified physiotherapist and will give the challenger in 1st place a 30min FREE treatment. Melissa also does Personal Training sessions at the Box. The challenger in 2nd place will  win 30min of FREE personal training with Melissa where you can work with her on your weaknesses.

The goal of this challenge is to help you lose body fat, teach you how to eat, live healthy and maintain this for the rest of your life
— Coach Agnes


There are a few simple rules to get you there:

  • you will follow your diet plan
  • minimum of 4 days a week of exercise
  • 5 minutes of mobility a day
  • keep score every day


In our last challenge most members lost around a stone in body weight and on average 4cm off their waistline. We were very pleased with these results and are keen to hit these numbers again!


We will start the Challenge on January 15th for 6 weeks and you need to sign up BEFORE January 12th. 

The 6 weeks challenge will be £40,- 

Sign up before December 31st and you will only pay £30,-