As the season is turning from Summer to Autumn so is our programming. You all have worked hard and that has clearly shown through the last 2 weeks. Well done!

For the next 6 weeks we are going to knuckle down and focus on the basis of fitness: STRENGTH


Getting stronger has many benefits. It can increase bone density, helps you to manage or lose weight as it increases your metabolism, prevents injures. You will get Stronger, Leaner and Healthier.



The Stronger, Leaner & Healthier program will run in cycles of 6 weeks all the way up to end of Jan 2018. The program will build absolute strength, strength endurance, gymnastic strength/ skills and metabolic conditioning. It will be concluded with a series of tests and after that we are straight into CF Open 2018!


First of 6 weeks cycle starting Monday 9th

Stronger, Leaner & Healthier You

Stronger, Leaner & Healthier You


Strength Days: Two days in the week we will be following the Strength Principles of Rippetoe. He is a well known perhaps some say classic Strength Coach. His program is simple and designed to take advantage of the body’s immense growth capability when you do loaded movements. His program is build on linear progression not periodization of load as we see with some of the more recent touted strength programs. It is suitable for beginners and seasoned lifters.

You will Squat, Press and Dead Lift. At least once a week, perhaps twice a week. It will always be the same rep scheme. You start at 70-75% of your max and from there every time when you come to the box on a Strength Day you will try to add a little bit more weight.

Example: Let’s say you start off with a 5 rep Back Squat at 40kg (70-75% of 5RM) and every week for next 5 weeks you add 2.5kg…. you can see this could get very hard. Don’t worry if you don’t know your 5 RM or don’t feel you add that much every week. Your coaches will work with you to establish the correct load for you. You add what you feel comfortable with, even an additional 1 kg is progress!

Gymnastic Strength/Skills Days: One day in the schedule will be focused on Gymnastic Strength & Skills. Having a solid base in gymnastic skills is really helpful in day to day life. It helps to develop body control and awareness..and yes it will get you strong too!!! In some of the other session you will put these skills at work :-). Plenty of opportunity to work on those pull ups!

MetCon:Two days in the schedule will be focus on classic CrossFit workouts with a twist. You will be working through different time domains developing your ability to flex between the different metabolic pathways! Our aim is to make you as comfortable doing a 5k row or 7min Burpee AMRAP :-0

Benchmark Days: You will have a go at a Girl, Hero or other notable CrossFit workout.

Fun Wod Days: well, this speaks for itself.......enjoy.


Enjoy the kick off to a Stronger, Leaner and Healthier you!