Meet Coach Alan

It is our ambition to offer you the best support for your fitness journey. Therefor we can't be more thrilled to introduce you to Alan. For a long time Alan has been on our wish list to include in our coaching team and from September he starts coaching Classes & 1-2-1's at ChalkBox!

Why are we so excited?

Alan brings a wealth of experience to our community. He has over 8 years CrossFit coaching experience, 5 years experience in coaching weight lifting, is a certified nutritionist and is very interested in movement and mobility. Currently he is one of the senior coaches working for Reebok CrossFit Thames, a very well known and highly regarded box in London. We look forward to have him as part of our coaching team and keen to see his contribution to your fitness journey. 

We asked him to tell us more about his back ground & this is what he had to say:

" I played golf professionally for about 8 years at which point I decided to change careers and venture into the fitness industry. Playing golf was a great period for me and one of biggest lessons I learnt from my time as a golf professional was the value of having a great coach. Someone with a level of knowledge and experience that can truly help you reach your potential whatever that may be.

I began personal training back in 2009 in a normal gym for about a year or so, but very quickly realised that this wasn’t for me and began seeking other opportunities. I was introduced to Crossfit back in 2009/10 by a friend before seeking out and joining Crossfit Thames in 2010 and becoming a coach there. Since then it’s been a non-stop learning experience.

I’ve learnt from some of the very best strength and conditioning  coaches in the world. I’ve coached weightlifting for about 5 years and I’m very familiar with the Russian and Chinese philosophies. 

I’m a certified precision nutrition coach and I’m currently undertaking another nutrition cert with the Mac Nutrition Uni which is a year long evidence based nutritional course. I’ve took many physiology and anatomy courses over the years so I’m well experienced in areas of rehab and injury prevention as well.  I’m a regular subscriber to many scientific papers so I’m always up to date with the current research out there."

1-2-1 Coaching

Known for achieving great results in a short amount of time, Alan is an in-demand strength and conditioning coach. Being creative and innovative comes from having a comprehensive understanding of the basics, Alan can pride himself on being able to use this creativity to teach you new skills and develop your abilities.  Anyone interested in being coached by Alan, members and non-members can enquire for available spaces via the link below.

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