Want to know how to get better results and put a stop to your plateau? Ever thought it might be your flexibility?

If so then Crossfit Chalkbox would like to introduce all our members to ChalkFlex. A class that will help you get more limber, achieve better results in the box and feel better outside the gym.

ChalkFlex will teach you how to use certain tools (i.e. foam rollers, lacrosse balls, strength bands, etc.) to improve the movement of your body so that you can increase your athletic potential, decrease injury and feel better. This class will help guide you through a series of stretches & mobilizing techniques to loosen you up for certain movements.

It will also has a focus on core strengthening and rehabilitation techniques that will  hopefully highlight weaknesses you may have in your movement so that they can be made into strengths.

When: Wednesday’s 18:30am for 30mins - before 7pm Classes.  

Who: Coach Mel who’s back ground is in health and rehabilitation techniques and she’s great at highlighting weaknesses in the body. 

Why: Although we try to put mobility in each and every class we teach, a few minutes a day really isn’t enough to achieve substantial mobility results, it’s just enough to get you loosened up for the movements required that day. For those of you with major mobility deficiencies and those of you looking to unlock your true potential, this is a great time to kick back, work on your trouble areas and enjoy some friendly time with your fellow Chalkers.

Coach Mel explains our CHALKFLEX classes