Hit new PB's and prevent injuries

Correcting Back position in Squat

Move better....

At ChalkBox we will have four weeks of intense mobility in every session starting on August 29th

Most people can’t use their joints’ full range of motion and don’t have very good joint stability. That’s okay – it’s part of modern life. As you know, many of the exercises taught in a CrossFit session involve a high level of joint mobility and stability throughout the body. Take these Olympic lifts, as an example:

Her ankle mobility in the snatch is incredible. It allows her to counterbalance the bar by keeping her center of gravity forward. She can also sit her hips under the bar for maximal force production in rising from the bottom. Her hips and shoulders are moving well, so she can perform these movements with excellent technique.

Limited mobility can have a negative impact on your CrossFit performance in several ways.

  • You lose power by performing movements with less-than-optimal mechanics.
  • When you expend more energy in your movements than you otherwise would, it slows down your WOD progress.
  • When you can’t get your body into the optimal position for a particular movement, it makes the exercise much harder. For instance, in the shoulder press, if the weight is further forward than it should be because your upper back and shoulders are slumped and rounded, it’s harder to push up.

Your coaches will spend time on mobility in every session the coming weeks. Our goal is to make you move better, live longer and stay injury free!