September - Mobility Month

As you might have seen in our previous post we will be focussing on Mobility in September. Good mobility will help you progress faster at CrossFit, prevent injuries and will help you with everything you do in your daily life.



In September Colette, our sports and remedial massage therapist, will run mobility sessions on Wednesdays 7pm. The mobility sessions are part of your memberships so anyone can join. We highly recommend our members to join these sessions. Colette can also give you personal advise on how to mobilise at home.

Colette will focus on the 4 most common 'problem areas':

  • Neck and shoulders 

  • Thoracic/lumber spine & glutes 

  • The pelvis - opening up the hips 

  • The legs - ankle, knees, hamstrings, glutes and lower back 


"Following training schedules and having goals to aim for suits me well and I like to see how my body reacts and develops with the various demands I subject it to.  It was when training for my first marathon I discovered sports massage which helped immensely and helped keep me injury free - I’ve never looked back.  I absolutely believe that it played a huge part in both my preparation and recovery.  So when I decided that I wanted to leave the world of 9-5 office work, this was the path I decided to take.  I trained and studied at the North London School of Sports Massage and I am now qualified with a BTEC level 5 diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy.  I am professionally insured and I’m a member of the Sports Massage Association.  Being a member ensures that I complete a minimum amount of continuous professional development (CPD) each year".